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Gift wrapping is the fun way to reward
yourself by dabbling in the "applied" arts.

Is a little creative gift wrapping worth the time? Often times just thinking of a mood or theme can get the ball rolling. Or the gift itself can suggest a way of getting in the groove so that you can do a little creative gift wrap. So take the time, it's something that will surely be appreciated

Start off on the right foot. In addition to artfully nesting the gift in in a bed of plain old tissue paper try tossing in a handful of confetti as a way to add excitement. Don’t have a paper punch just use scissors to shred your own.
Decorating the wrapped gift is where you get to have real fun. Even plan paper can be enlivened with cutout shapes and stampings that you can make from found objects or potato cutouts.

You can make you own version of a ribbon and bow by practicing a little creativity. For starters try twisting string, yarn and ribbon all together to make your own gift tie. This creative spin on wrapping your gift will definitely add a few smiles to the occasion. With just a small investment in time you can create your own gift ties and decorations, so why not get started. Enjoy that special feeling that comes when you just cut loose and let your playful self come alive.

You can always count on a big smile when you take a gift wrapping idea and and go with it, it's the best way to say this is a special gift for a special person. All it takes is the willingness to have a little fun.

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There is seldom an occasion that doesn't benefit from a gift, so why not be ready when it comes time. Whether you are shopping online or from a local merchant there is always the fun of making that special gift more special. And while you are at it take few moments learn about buying online and shipping.
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